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The online auction process is incredibly flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of the seller. Our typical auction process looks like this:

  • Tell us what to sell!

    It may be helpful to schedule a walk through to get a complete picture of the project and any potential hurdles.

  • Contract is signed.

    The terms and logistics of the auction will be discussed and agreed on during this process. From the commission rates and fees; to when you can expect to receive your settlement check. Our sellers know exactly what to expect in our transparent and easy to understand contract process.

  • Auction is created.

    This is the most crucial step of any auction. The quality and reliability of an asset’s description and pictures directly impacts the final bid price and ultimately the successful sale of the assets. Sellers often assist in this process by providing detailed information about their assets. Photographs and videos are taken to give bidders an accurate overview of auction assets.

  • Auction is published.

    Now the fun starts and bids start coming in. Once an auction goes “live”, we are responsible for fielding all questions relating to the auction. Additional marketing campaigns will be launched to reach the maximum number of interested buyers. We manage the inspection period which allows interested bidders an opportunity to see, touch, and ask questions about the assets being sold. (See Auction Success).

  • Auction closes and items removed.

    Winning bidders are alerted and we prepare for the removal date. Payments are collected and we assist with clearing the assets from the auction location.

  • You get paid.

    Two weeks after the auction, we cut you a check and provide a detailed settlement sheet showing you exactly what sold – for what price.

  • You call us next time.

    We hope that we have earned the right to your business in the future and would be happy to assist again.

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